Crop Production

Abda Gold

  • A unique herbal product developed by combining specific herbal extracts in proportionate ratio
  • Produces balanced root : shoot ratio, helps early crop establishment
  • Increases leaf area, greenness and chlorophyll content leading to enhanced photosynthesis
  • Boosts girth of the stem and increases the height of the crop
  • Increases the number of roots / shoots / tubers / productive tillers and size of the fruit / pods / seeds
  • Provides uniform vegetative growth and maturity with higher productivity
  • Approved organic product by IMO-Switzerland
  • Improves cosmetic value & yield
  • Increases cost benefit

Dosage: 4 Kg/Ac

Availability: 1 Kg, 4 Kg, 60 Kg Drum

For best results:

  • Before application drain excess water, maintain thin film of water in the field
  • Don't allow water to move out of treated field for a week
  • Ensure uniform application across the field
  • Apply during early crop stage
Abda Gold