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Parry bioThe Bio-Products Division of E.I.D-Parry is committed to help farmers produce, profitable agricultural produce through safe and sustainable agricultural inputs.

Process optimisation, strategic channel expansion and new market penetration were the operating strategies of the Bio-Pesticides division as it pursued its mission to develop cost effective and environmentally sustainable plant wellness products to support the growing, global organic and Agro-chemical crop market.

Across the world, demand for organic foods using safe and environmentally friendly bio-pesticides, for pest control, is gaining momentum. The division leveraged its global leadership in Azadirachtin based bio-pesticides through customer friendly product deliveries, IPR’s and direct market access facilities, offering the best in class products in terms of quality and cost efficiencies.

Capitalising on the surge in demand for natural pesticides, the division expanded its market space with a range of new formulations and ’total crop protection’ solutions. While the sales of ’Abda’ range of products,posted a robust growth in the domestic market, sales of Azadirachtin doubled in the US Home and Garden segment and in the agricultural segment in Brazil. During the year, the ’Yieldsmor’ brand of micro nutrients targeting the horticultural market was also successfully launched, achieving a breakthrough in the tea segment and in vegetable crops. Currently the products are being marketed tomany countries across the globe.

The growth strategies of the Bio-Pesticides division is clear and focused to expand into new market segments, strengthen presence in the plant wellness product portfolio, increase extraction efficiencies, intensify field promotions and register new variants.

The future direction is clearly mapped - to leverage green synergies and explore greener horizons.


To be a Global Bio Products Business offering Organic solutions for Sustainable Crop Protection and Growth

Did you know?

Parry’s is one among the few company in the world to have successfully extracted Azadirachtin, (AZA) a key liminoid from neem seeds. The ’Neemazal’ brand of products, using high purity AZA technical pioneered a new concept in bio-pesticides and crop protection methods, with registrations in India and almost all major countries across the globe. The FAO - Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN has included AZA in their list of approved products, the guidelines for which were set by Parry’s Bio-pesticides division itself for its path breaking discovery.