R DE.I.D-Parry's Research & Development Centre was established at Bangalore, India; during the year 1992 with the prime motto of being a "relentless, creative, multidisciplinary, lean and responsive team". With the vision statement of "Harnessing science for customer needs", the Centre is exploring new horizons for innovative intellectual asset creation in cutting-edge research areas through unique ideas using state-of-the-art research facilities. E.I.D-Parry's R&D Centre at Bangalore, has a research focus on Sugar, Bio-pesticides and Organic fertilizers with an aim that the natural resources are managed for sustainable crop production. Parry has also established sugarcane research centres in 4 other locations in South India and they work in synergy with R&D Centre, Bangalore for the wellbeing of sugarcane farmers. Parry's Sugarcane Research Centres are one stop shops to farmers looking for solutions for cane farming including good seeds, inputs, technical advice on pest and disease control and harvest.

Parry's R&D Centre, Bangalore is a 20000 Square Feet laboratory with state of the art laboratories for Natural Products, Microbiology, Analytical Chemistry, Entomology, Tissue Culture, Plant Breading and Germ Plasm storage. R&D unit is involved in multidisciplinary research and committed to provide innovative and eco-friendly products/solutions for safe and sustainable organic agriculture.

E.I.D-Parry's R&D Centre has been approved by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India and is in the process of acquiring GLP certification. Annamalai University has also recognized the R&D as external centre for Ph.D. programs. The Centre can support external customers in the following areas:

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Pesticide Residues
  • Aflatoxin Assays
  • Soil Analysis

Parry's Research Centre supports Parry America Inc. in all it's research endeavors from across shores. The company uses it's research platform in India to support product development and technical support to it's customers worldwide.